The World’s Smallest Horse

The World’s Smallest Horse according to Guinness World Records is Thumbelina from Missouri, but another tiny horse named Einstein may take her place when he turns 4, which is the minimum age required for the record. Einstein is from New Hampshire and unlike Thumbelina, he doesn’t have any dwarvish features, he has the same proportions as any other horse – he’s just much much smaller.
Here’s a video of the tiny horse playing soccer with other animals:

And this is how the World’s Smallest Horse compares to a St. Bernard dog:

World's smallest horse

Einstein is only 35 cm tall (14 inches) and weighs 2.7 kg (6lb). Thumbelina is 44.5 cm (17.5 in) tall, so even if Eisntein grows a little, the chances of he becoming the official smallest horse in the world are quite high. He was born in April 2010, so he still needs to wait for almost 2 years until he becomes eligible for the title.