The world’s biggest rabbit

The world’s biggest rabbit is Darius, a 3 year-old bunny from Worcester, England.

He won this title in 2010 when he measured 22.5 kg (3.5 stone) and was 1.28 meter (4.3 foot) long. Vets measured him this March again and it turned out that gigantic bunny had grown another inch so now he is 134.1 cm (4.4 foot) long.

Darius has been judged on his length: Guinness World Records have stopped accepting entries for the world’s heaviest pets. The reason for this is that people often overfeed their pets in order to achieve extreme results.

Darius eats 12 carrots, 3 apples and a cabbage a day and two daily meals of a pair of bowls of rabbit mix.

His owner, model Annette Edwards is also known as an imitator of Jessica Rabbit from the famous movie Who Killed Roger Rabbit (1988). She spent £10,000 on plastic surgery to become a real-life Jessica Rabbit. She has bred big rabbits before Darius: the world’s biggest rabbit is the son of the previous record holder Alice and the grandson of earlier recorder Amy.

The world's biggest rabbit

The biggest rabbit of the world is very friendly, gentle and patient. The huge bunny loves to play with other animals and children. His owner says there is always a bit of glint in his eyes when you go near him.