Top 5 extreme body piercings

1. Craziest modified lips

Rafa Gnomo not only has crazy tattoo on his face but he has the weirdest modified lips as well. The hole on his underlip is so big that he can easily pull it up on his nose.

2. Enermous cheek piercings

“Fishmaul” (”Fishmouth”) or “Zygzag” is a well-known figure of the BME modification community. The Polish guy wears massive plugs in stretched cheek piercings. Gossips claim that he had to removed the plugs because his eyes were constantly irritated and he couldn’t speak properly because of the deformation. Moreover, he had his skin transplanted a few times to make the holes smaller.

3. Needles in the head

Dr Wei Sheng pierced 2008 needles in his head, face, hands and chest in honour of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. He used needles with the five colours of the Olympic rings. That was not his first action: in 2004 he reached a Guinness World Record after piercing 1790 needles into his head.

4. The world’s largest stretched earlobes

Daryl “Bear Big Ears” Belmares has the biggest stretched earlobes in the world: its size is 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) and he also has a weird face tattoo.

5. The world’s most modified man

Pauly Unstoppable is the king of extreme body modification. He tries all new techniques and styles. We can suppose that he is the world’s most modified man, with implants, multiple brandings, scarification, tattoos (including one on his eyeball), nullification, piercings, and a split tongue.